Unmatched Accuracy and Versatility

The FIDA technology enables you to carry out analyses that are often impossible using other technologies. It is easy to get started. We install the Fidabio instrument and provide you with thorough training. Many users are getting new insights already the first day after the installation!

The Fidabio product portfolio includes:

  • Fida 1 platform, incl. high resolution detector, computer and our Fidabio Software Suite
  • Range of additional detector wavelengths
  • Fidabio consumables, incl. dedicated plasticware, coated and uncoated capillaries
  • Dedicated Fidabio kits
Fida 1
The Fida 1 Workflow

Fida 1

  • Size range: 0.5-1,000 nm Dh
  • CV: < 5%
  • Sensitivity: 0.1 nM Alexa 488
  • Autosampler: 0.3 – 2 mL vials/2 x 96 well plates
  • Detector: LED 488 nm – others available
  • Sample vol.: 4 μl analyte/40 nl ligand
  • Run times: 3-10 min. depending on size of compound
  • Temperature: 4-55° C
  • Buffer: No buffer constraints
  • Runs per capillary: 192

The Fida 1 is broadly compatible with existing lab equipment and chemistries.

Software included:

Fidabio software suite

Fidabio consumables

  • Fidabio plasticware, incl. vials, caps, plates etc.
  • Fidabio capillaries
  • Fidabio Coating Reagents

Fidabio kits

  • Fidabio assay development kit
  • Fidabio fluorescence tag kit (BETA available)

Many more kits to come

If there is something particular, you are looking for?
Please let us know.

From assay design to reports in minutes

Software suite
Software suite
Fidabio Software Suite

Seemless Fidabio – Opentrons Integration for Sample Preparation

Fidabio is constantly working on streamlining workflows and developing enhancements of the Fidabio Software Suite for assay simulation & design, instrument control, analysis and reporting. In Tech Note # 7, we have described how our built-in integration with Opentrons enables users to directly port concentration series, stocks, indicator concentrations etc. generated by the Fidabio assay simulation & design module onto an Opentrons robot.

built-in robot integration.