Join the Fidabio Mobilization

CSL Behring, Bern, adopted FIDA to perform acurate protein binding and concentration analysis directly in plasma and serum.

Fachhochschule, Basel, implemented a Fidabio instrument amongst others to carry out complex oligomeric analysis and develop comprehensive assays for determining molecular integrity.


Mobilize Your Research and Business

Mobilizing New insight

Quantitative data on complex protein binding, concentration, size etc.

Mobilizing Accuracy

Speed up your decisions with fast development of specific assays.

Mobilizing a New Paradigm

Intuitive technology with high data reproducibility and built-in quality control.

The FIDA technology represents a revolution in the analysis of proteins and nanoparticles.

Join the new paradigm.

Brian Sørensen, CEO, LL.M., Fidabio.

At Fidabio we are committed to assist you in accelerating your R&D projects. For this we have developed the FIDA technology enabling simple, accurate and fast detection and characterization of proteins & nanoparticles under native conditions.

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