Let’s Speed up Your Assay Development

Contrary to SPR, BLI etc., the FIDA technology is not based on immobilisation. FIDA is direct detection in solution, and you only need one ligand. This gives you a head start in your R&D work – it is much simpler developing new assays:

  • You are working with fewer variables (no calibration needed)
  • Data is more precise and reliable
  • The turn-around time is faster
  • The process has a built-in quality control.

Design New Assays in Minutes

The Fidabio Custom Assay Development Tool is a software application that will enable you to design and validate new, accurate Fidabio assays aimed at your specific targets with binding curve predictions. When done, the protocol is easily ported to the Fidabio Analyzer.

With our Fidabio Data Analysis Tool you can immediately start working with the test results and generate the reports you need and with the Fidabio Reporting Tool, it is easy to present your Fidabio data.